About Us


My dear friends,

Welcome to Made in Singapore Lah, the one-stop station for anything and everything under the sun that you want to know about this little red dot in the world!

Why we create this platform?

To share the latest and happening information in our home country to as many fellow Singaporeans or even our foreigner friends. You will find a lot of lobangs (meaning good deals) here, informative articles, events and happenings, contests, money management and many many more….

In Today’s world, information is the most powerful tool and i believe that by creating this website, it will definitely benefit a lot of people and mostly importantly save all of you $$$ – Check out the “Best Deals!” Section.

How we do it?

U must be wondering in your mind that in the internet, you can easily find answers to what you need to know. Yes, of course you can, but it will be very time consuming and might not get the best deal in town. Our mission here is to consolidate answers from forums, news and other information sources and compile them into this central platform. So what u just need to do is to access this ONE site for information.
If there are information that u required and it is not in our site, please kindly feel free to contact us at our “Contact” page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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