Apply For NDP 2018 Tickets From 23 May – 3 Jun 2018

You may apply for the NDP 2018 tickets on NDP website, AXS machines, SAM machines, SMS between 23 May 2018 and 03 Jun 2018. The full terms and conditions can be found at

Each applicant can only apply for two, four or six tickets.

Individuals who successfully balloted for tickets in 2017 will NOT be eligible to ballot for tickets this year. This is to provide those who were unsuccessful in the ballot in previous years the opportunity to experience NDP live.

Balloting results: Individuals who were successful in the ticket ballot will receive an SMS or call to the number provided in the balloting form between 25 June 2018 and 02 July 2018 (no manual checking required).

The balloting formula is confidential. However, applicants who apply for fewer tickets have better odds of being successful than those who apply for more tickets. For example, applicants who apply for two tickets will stand a better chance than those who apply for six tickets.

For further enquiries or feedback regarding NDP 2018 ticketing, please visit the official NDP website at



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