Enjoy Starhub TV Free Preview From 7 (12pm) to 14 Aug 17 (12pm)

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Catch the Free Preview of StarHub TV channels from 7 Aug, 12pm till 14 Aug, 12pm

Here is the Free Preview Channel Listing
Free preview is from 7 August 2017, 12pm to 14 August 2017, 12pm

Channel Channel No Available on StarHub Go
Astro Warna Ch 118 No
IDX Ch 121 No
MNC Channel Ch 122 Yes
Hub Sensasi Ch 123 Yes
ONE (Malay) Ch 124 No
Zee TV Ch 125 Yes
STAR Plus Ch 126 No
Sony Ent TV Ch 127 Yes
COLORS Ch 128 No
STAR Gold Ch 129 No
Zee Cinema Ch 130 Yes
SONY MAX Ch 131 No
Sun TV Ch 133 No
Sun Music Ch 134 No
Vijay Ch 135 No
Vannathirai Ch 136 Yes
V Thamizh Ch 137 Yes
Zee Tamil Ch 138 No
Asianet Ch 139 No
Asianet Movies Ch 140 No
ANC Ch 143 No
The Filipino Channel Ch 144 Yes
Cinema One Global Ch 145 Yes
GMA Pinoy TV Ch 146 Yes
GMA Life TV Ch 147 No
TV5MONDE Style HD1 Ch 150 No
TV5MONDE Asie HD1 Ch 152 Yes
Zee TV HD1 Ch 157 No
Zee News Ch 158 No
Life OK Ch 160 No
NDTV Good Times Ch 161 No
NDTV 24/7 Ch 162 Yes
SAB TV Ch 163 No
&TV HD1 Ch 165 Yes
MNC Infotainment Ch 170 Yes
Hub Sports 1 (HD) Ch 201 Yes
Hub Sports 2 (HD) Ch 202 Yes
Hub Sports 3 (HD) Ch 203 Yes
Hub Sports 4 (HD) Ch 204 Yes
FOX Sports (HD) Ch 208 Yes
FOX Sports 2 (HD) Ch 209 Yes
FOX Sports 3 (HD) Ch 210 Yes
Eurosports (HD) Ch 212 Yes
beIN Sports HD1 Ch 213 Yes
Sports illustrated (HD) Ch 215 Yes
Setanta Sports (HD) Ch 217 Yes
Ten Cricket Ch 235 Yes
Star Cricket HD1 Ch 236 Yes
Star Cricket Extra HD1 Ch 237 Yes
BabyTV Ch 302 No
Cbeebies (HD) Ch 303 Yes
Nick Jr. Ch 304 Yes
Discovery Kids Ch 308 No
Disney XD (HD) Ch 310 Yes
Disney Junior Ch 311 Yes
Disney Channel (HD) Ch 312 Yes
Nickelodeon (HD) Ch 314 Yes
Toonami Ch 315 Yes
Cartoon Network Ch 316 Yes
Boomerang HD1 Ch 317 No
History (HD) Ch 401 Yes
H2 (HD) Ch 402 Yes
Crime + InvestigationTM (HD) Ch 403 Yes
FYITM (HD) Ch 404 Yes
BBC Earth (HD) Ch 407 Yes
National Geographic (HD) Ch 411 Yes
Nat Geo People (HD) Ch 412 Yes
Nat Geo Wild (HD) Ch 413 No
Smithsonian Channel HD1 Ch 415 No
Discovery Channel (HD) Ch 422 Yes
Discovery Science (HD) Ch 423 Yes
Animal Planet (HD) Ch 424 Yes
Eve Ch 425 Yes
DMAX Ch 426 Yes
TLC (HD) Ch 427 Yes
RTL CBS Extreme HD1 Ch 428 Yes
BBC Lifestyle (HD) Ch 432 Yes
Food Network (HD) Ch 433 Yes
Asian Food Channel (HD) Ch 435 Yes
HGTV HD1 Ch 437 Yes
E! Entertainment (HD) Ch 441 Yes
TruTV Ch 446 No
Discovery Asia HD1 Ch 461 Yes
Travel Channel HD1 Ch 473 Yes
STAR World (HD) Ch 501 No
FOX (HD) Ch 505 No
FX (HD) Ch 507 No
RTL CBS Entertainment HD1 Ch 509 Yes
SONY Channel HD1 Ch 510 Yes
AXN (HD) Ch 511 Yes
Diva (HD) Ch 513 Yes
Lifetime TM (HD) Ch 514 Yes
Warner TV (HD) Ch 515 Yes
Comedy Central Asia (HD) Ch 516 Yes
KIX Ch 518 No
HIT (HD) Ch 519 Yes
Animax (HD) Ch 532 No
MTV Asia Ch 533 No
HBO (HD) Ch 601 Yes
HBO Signature (HD) Ch 603 Yes
HBO Family (HD) Ch 604 Yes
HBO Hits (HD) Ch 605 Yes
DreamWorks Channel HD1 Ch 606 Yes
Cinemax (HD) Ch 611 No
Cinema World HD1 Ch 613 No
Turner Classic Movies Ch 616 No
THRILL Ch 618 No
FOX Movies (HD) Ch 622 No
Fox Family Movies Ch 624 No
FOX Action Movies Ch 625 No
BBC World News (HD) Ch 701 Yes
FOX News Channel Ch 702 No
Sky News (HD) Ch 703 No
CNBC Ch 707 Yes
CNN (HD) Ch 711 Yes
CNN Headline News Ch 712 No
CGTN Ch 722 Yes
CCTV-4 Ch 801 Yes
Phoenix Chinese Channel (HD) Ch 805 No
Phoenix InfoNews Channel (HD) Ch 806 No
Shen Zhou News Channel Ch 807 Yes
TVBS-NEWS Ch 808 Yes
NHK World Premium Ch 811 No
Wakuwaku Japan HD1 Ch 813 No
Oh!k HD1 Ch 816 Yes
KBS World (HD) Ch 815 Yes
tvN Movies HD1 Ch 818 No
ONE (English) Ch 820 No
ONE (HD) Ch 823 Yes
ONE (Malay) Ch 124 Yes
tvN (HD) Ch 824 No
Hub E City (HD) Ch 825 Yes
CTI TV (HD) Ch 827 No
TVBS Asia Ch 828 No
TVB8 (HD) Ch 829 No
Dragon TV Ch 832 Yes
Asia Travel (HD) Ch 833 Yes
TVBJ (HD) Ch 838 Yes
Hub VV Drama (HD) Ch 855 Yes
TVB Classic Channel Ch 858 No
TVB Xing He Channel Ch 859 No
SCM (HD) Ch 866 No
SCM Legend Ch 867 No
Celestial Movies Ch 868 No
Celestial Classic Movies Ch 869 No


  • [1] HD-enabled set-top box is required to view the channel. Standard definition set-top box will not be abe to view the channel.
  • Channels are subject to changes without prior notice.

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