Coffee Bean 1 For 1 8oz Packs of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

In search of new brews to enjoy in the comfort of your home? Pick up a pack of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and get a pack of 100% Kona coffee beans on the house! That’s right, their reserve blends are included in the 1-for-1 special on 8oz packs of coffee beans.

Coffee Bean Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is from the Mavis Bank Estate which uses only spring water to sort the beans. Known for producing coffee harvest with clean, mild and good body, the coffee beans are aged for 3 to 4 months at 3,000ft before it is shipped to our roaster.

Need a dose of sunshine in your daily pick-me-up? This 100% Kona coffee promises a little aloha with every sip, with the highly valued coffee beans graded and registered by the State of Hawaii to ensure its quality and prevent adulteration. Grown at 2,000ft above the Kona Coast, our 100% Kona coffee beans pack a punch with a smooth body, nutty aroma and sweet finish.

Available while stocks last, head over to your nearest Coffee Bean store today!

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