IPPUDO Shaw Centre Celebrates Anniversary with 1 For 1 Ramen All Day on 1 March 2021

IPPUDO Shaw Centre kicks of their anniversary celebrations with a 1-For-1 Ramen promotion exclusively for IPPUDO Facebook fans, all day on 1st March.

The countdown is on!! Mark your calendars, keep your eyes peeled, it’s IPPUDO Shaw Centre’s Anniversary on 1st March! Join in the celebration with 1-for-1 IPPUDO ramen when you like and follow them on Facebook! One day only, exclusively for dine-in.

Relish in a slurp-worthy bowl of IPPUDO’s classics of Shiromaru Motoaji or Akamaru Shinaji or snag this chance to try IPPUDO’s latest seasonal special: Yokohama Iekei Ramen for a nostalgic taste of Japan! One of the most popular ramen styles in Japan with over 40 years of history; Iekei ramen is a blend of different styles of broth that showcases a combination of IPPUDO’s Signature creamy Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) and the rich, milky white Tori Paitan (Chicken Bone) broth. Intensely flavourful and collagen-rich, alternate between mouthfuls of ramen and bites of homemade spicy leek, served at the side, to spice things up!

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