Subway 1 For 1 6-inch Subs Promotion on 31 October from 12pm – 8pm

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Subway Singapore will be celebrating World Sandwich Day on 31 October (Thursday) this year from 12pm – 8pm at all 132 Subway outlets island-wide.All 6-inch subs on their menu will be available on a buy-one-get-one-free basis and $0.50 from each sub sold will be donated to the adopted charity, Singapore Heart Foundation. 

 This will be the second consecutive year that Subway has partnered with the Singapore Heart Foundation in celebration of World Sandwich Day. In 2018, the initiative raised over $30,000 for the non-profit organisation and has contributed to funding educational programmes promoting heart health and financial assistance to heart patients.

A Singapore Heart Foundation Wellness Centre beneficiary said, “The Heart Wellness Centre conducted an annual review on me to measure the progress that I have made and this is a great encouragement to me, because my 2018 health check showed improvement in my heart health. My bad cholesterol level has dropped from 117 to 96 mg/dL. My HbA1c reading has also dropped from 6.9% to 6.4%, which indicates that my blood sugar has been maintained at an ideal level in the last 3 months. I will preserve and make every effort to continue to keep fit through exercise and healthy eating. Keep up the good work, Singapore Heart Foundation!”

Participants are encouraged to post photos or videos of the Singapore Heart Foundation’s mascot, Hugo, on their social media platforms with #WorldSandwichDay and tag both Subway and Singapore Heart Foundation’s social media accounts. The most creative entries will win vouchers that can be used at all Subway restaurants.

Subway SEA Country Director, Samad Shariff said, “Subway is delighted to partner with the Singapore Heart Foundation for the second time on World Sandwich Day. The entire team is looking forward to an engaging day with our guests and restaurant staff, to join Singapore Heart Foundation in raising awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart diseases. World Sandwich Day is an opportunity for us to give back to the community and we hope everyone will enjoy the subs for a good cause.”

Singapore Heart Foundation CEO, Mr. Vernon Kang said, “The Singapore Heart Foundation is glad to work with Subway for yet another year to encourage more Singaporeans to eat healthy and lead a heart healthier lifestyle. In conjunction with our upcoming 50th anniversary, we are glad to receive this donation from Subway, where we will be able to use the funds to promote heart health and prevent the premature onset of heart disease through our various lifesaving programmes as well as to provide financial assistance to needy heart patients.”

The BOGO deal will only be applicable on Thursday, 31 October, from 12pm – 8pm at all Subway restaurants island-wide while stocks last.

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