Taikoo Lane Hotpot and Chengdu Bowl Will Be Offering 1 For 1 Deals 11 to 18 December 2020

In conjunction of 12:12, both Taikoo Lane Hotpot and Chengdu Bowl will be offering special 1-for-1 deals from 11 to 18 December.

·1-for-1 Hotpot: Enjoy either of the new soups for free with every purchase of another soup base

Taikoo Lane’s newest soup bases includes the upgraded beauty collagen soup that is served with a shot of exquisite Chinese Huadiao wine as an option to add into the broth. The Huadiao Collagen Soup promotes numerous health benefits such as improve blood circulation, delay aging and more! For the spice and seafood lovers, there is the Spicy Pickled Crayfish Soup with a generous serving of fresh crayfish and black mussels to create a wonderful umami flavour.

1-for-1 Rice Bowls: Order any Chengdu Bowl and enjoy the second bowl for free. Available for both dine-in & takeaway

Chengdu Bowl is a brand-new concept serving its own rendition of quintessential Sichuan food, conveniently packed in individual portions – inspired by the trendy Hawaiian poke bowl, while retaining authentic Sichuan flavours. Each bowl comes with a carb-base: choose from chewy rice noodles, Pearl rice or whole-grain Brown rice. Savour a variety of hearty mains like the Fatty Beef Mala Xiang Guo Bowl (肥牛香锅), Chicken with Chilli Mala Bowl (成都辣子鸡), Classic Sour Fish Rice Noodle (经典酸菜鱼米线) and more, from $10.60 only!

Find them at 133 New Bridge Rd, Chinatown Point, #B1-16, Singapore 059413 to enjoy these deals! For reservations, call 6970 0966.

About Taikoo Lane

Nestled in Chinatown Point, Taikoo Lane is a hotpot concept conceived by Chengdu Restaurant. The restaurant offers a variety of unique Sichuan and Cantonese broths for a refreshing hotpot experience. Must-try dishes here include Spanish Iberico Black Pork Collar, Spicy Marinated Beef and FlamingBraised Pork Ribs.

About Chengdu Bowl 

Chengdu Bowl is the brainchild of two young ex-bankers Stella and Jie, who quit their high-flying careers in finance to pursue their passion in the F&B scene. They are also the founders of Chengdu Restaurant and Taikoo Lane Hotpot. The newest concept, Chengdu Bowl, serves its own rendition of quintessential Sichuan food in poke-bowl inspired, one-pax portion. Customers can pick their own favourite mix of spicy hot Sichuan food from over 10 different curated selections of Chengdu Bowls.

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