Chengdu Bowl Free Giveaway and 1 For 1 Promotion Chinatown Point Only on 23 December 2020

In celebration of the grand opening of their first-ever takeaway kiosk at Chinatown Point, Chengdu Bowl will have special all-day promotions on 23 December 2020!

The first 50 customers on that day will each receive 1 FREE Chengdu Bowl (limited to 1 per customer). Fret not, all customers can also enjoy an ALL DAY ONE-FOR-ONE promotion just on 23 December 2020.

About Chengdu Bowl

Inspired by the trendy Hawaiian poke bowl, it serves its own rendition of quintessential Sichuan food in individual portion. Chengdu Bowl offers a healthier alternative to customers while retaining the tongue-searing fiery ‘mala’ that Sichuan cuisine is known for.

Each bowl comes with a carb-base: choose from chewy rice noodles, pearl rice or whole-grain brown rice and is accompanied with 6 sides which are in Sichuan or Western-style. Customers can pick their own favourite mix of spicy hot Sichuan food with over 10 different curated selections of Chengdu Bowls starting from $10.60. Customers get to enjoy healthier (less oil and less salt!), authentic Sichuan flavours such as Chicken with Chilli Mala Bowl, Fatty Beef Mala Xiang Guo, Classic Sour Fish Rice Noodles and many more!

Operating Hours: 11:00AM–8:30PM Daily 

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