Order ‘Cai Fun’ Like a Pro for all Singaporeans

Dear folks,

I have just come upon this technique and find it quite true and interesting so I will like to share with all of you. If you are a typical Singaporean, you should know about this.

Step 1: Order the meat dishes first. The person will not think that you are cheapskate and tend to give you a bigger potion

Step 2: When ordering, point at the dish many times as the person will subconsciously give you more.

Step 3: Don’t rush when ordering. Give the person some time to scoop your dish before pointing to the next dish. This is because if you are in a rush, the person will tend to scoop less as they want to be fast

Step 4: Say 多一点饭 , instead of 加饭. The person will most likely give you more rice and will not charge you.

Please share your thoughts and opinions on these techniques. Do you think it will work?